Edifier K815 USB Headset With Microphone

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The Edifier K815 is a wired over-ear headphone that offers clear sound, deep bass, and a comfortable fit. These headphones are made to give people who love music and people who play video games an immersive audio experience. In this article, we'll take a close look at the Edifier K815's features and find out why it's so popular among audiophiles.


The Edifier K815 headphones have a sleek and modern design that makes them stand out from the crowd. The over-ear design is perfect for people who want a comfortable fit that provides excellent noise isolation. The ear cups are padded with soft leather, which makes them comfortable to wear for long periods of listening. The headband is also adjustable, so it can be made to fit different sizes of heads.

Sound Quality

The Edifier K815 headphones deliver high-quality audio that is clear and well-balanced. The headphones feature 40mm drivers that produce a frequency response range of 20Hz to 20kHz, which means that they can reproduce a wide range of sounds, from deep bass to high treble. The headphones also have a sensitivity rating of 100dB, which means that they can produce loud and clear sound even when driven by a low-power amplifier.

The Edifier K815 headphones are also made to keep distortion to a minimum and block out sound very well. This is made possible by using high-quality materials, like the neodymium magnets in the drivers, which are known for their high magnetic strength and great sound quality. The headphones also have a closed-back design that keeps sound from leaking out and makes listening more immersive.


One of the standout features of the Edifier K815 headphones is their comfort. The headphones are lightweight, which makes them comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The ear cups are also padded with a soft leather material, which provides a comfortable fit that doesn't put too much pressure on the ears. The adjustable headband also allows users to customize the fit to their head size, which means that the headphones can be worn comfortably by people of all ages and head sizes.


The Edifier K815 headphones are also an excellent choice for gamers. The headphones give you clear, detailed sound, which is important for hearing important sounds in games. The headphones also have a built-in microphone, which allows gamers to communicate with their teammates clearly and effectively. The microphone is retractable, which means that it can be easily stored when not in use.


The Edifier K815 headphones are designed to be durable and long-lasting. The headphones are made from high-quality materials, which means that they can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. The headphones also come with a carrying pouch, which provides extra protection during transportation.

The Edifier K815 headphones are an excellent choice for people who value high-quality audio and comfort. With their sleek, modern look, comfortable fit, and high-quality sound, these headphones are a great choice for both music fans and gamers. Whether you're a casual listener or a serious audiophile, the Edifier K815 headphones are sure to impress with their performance and durability.

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